My world of Creativity

My world of Creativity

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

As the days went by,
I moved on.
Having joy in my cry,
that the past has now gone.
I have now friends to take care of,
and responsibilities to bear.
Somethings that i need to take off,
Somethings that i don't anymore care.
For i have forgotten you and your friends,
and the people around you that i don't care.
So there is no need for making amends,
for i have nothing more to spare.
And now on please get out of my head,
for thinking of you makes me sad.
for the memories of you are just like bread,
for days it's left on the table and had gone bad.
Sayonara my acquiantance,
for you were like a sculpture.
And goodbye to your ignorance,
and hello to my future.

Forgive me

I looked for hope,
in my greatest despair.
But nothing could cope,
in this demon's lair.
I tried to break free,
but they are just useless.
You saved me,
when i am helpless.
I am so wrong,
yet i feel your forgiveness.
For You are strong,
and gave me peacefulness.
I am truly sorry,
for my wrong doing.
I want to try,
to stop this horrid feeling.
Sorry and forgive me,
I know i'm wrong.
Please set me free,
and make me strong.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Meaning Of Chirstmas

Christmas ...... is it just a celebration???
For some people 'Yes of course , duh ...'
But little do they realize that Christmas is the day that the Lord , our Saviour ,
came to earth 2000 years ago
This is no joke , this is a real fact , that was stated in the Book of Life- the BIBLE
Christmas, on the 25th of December may not be the actual day that Christ, our Saviour is born
But celebrating it is not just to entertain ourselves
But to entertain the One that's Most High ,
to respect Him and to honor His sacrifice for us , sinners.
He, came down to earth as a human ,
in the same manner as us but his difference is brighter than rays of the rising sun ,
saltier than the sea water of the earth and purer than anything we can imagine
we , mortal humans are not, i repeat NOT worthy of His grace
But yet He laid down His life for us.
It is no doubt that He fought against the devil and won the battle for us and our lives......
Those who believe in Him shall not perish BUT have eternal life (John 3:16)
This is what we must do , what we must do
For Him to save us from eternal torture and death of the spirit
For if we dont accept Him,
we will perish and loose the opportunity forever if we die 
And burn in the eternal sulphuric fire.....
So do it today do it now for your life to be saved by the One Most High,
to be released from the grasp of the evil one...
And ....................
                                                MERRY CHRISTMAS

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Fire

In Science, we learn that to light a fire, we need carbon, heat and oxygen... ...
In real life, in us, our soul and spirit, there's no carbon there's no oxygen, there's no heat... ...
So, what does it take to light the fire in our lives... ...
Is it the happy memories we had together,
is it the feeling of joy and hope,
is it the presence of our friends,
that lit the fire of a part of our life,
that keeps the fire burning till the very end of time... ...???
what does it really take ... to keep the fire in life to keep burning???
Is it the constant contact between friends and family,
Is it the constant exchange of our own life experiences,
or... is it the care and the longing to keep in touch??
If this is right... why do i feel pain,
As if the fire has burn its candle to its very end as I am holding it,
Burning my hand, leaving a disgusting mark on the very palm of my hand.
And neither no medical help nor plastic surgery can help me heal the wound nor to cover the horrid scar that scares people away...
Is it my fault??
Is it me??
Is it my fault to keep the fire burning for too long??
Is it me that scares people away??
Leaving me in loneliness, in pain, in sorrow...
As for now, I shall stop... I shall put the fierce fire out...
For no one, nobody can help me do it but only myself...
the fire that kept on burning me...
for keeping the memories of you fresh in the depths of my mind...
And now i shall put it out and leave the candle behind as I move on,
On my journey of life, to seek for a better candle that is better than this,
A candle that is longer than i could imagine, that will never come to an end,
that won't burn anything except itself, harmless to others and that will light up the road to keep me on track, that will keep me going on.

Goodbye, My Friend... ...

It's time for me to let go of the past, and look forward towards the future.
Time to say goodbye, and time to say hello.
Now i will let go, now i will lose hope.
For now on i will not miss you, which now hurts my heart because of you.
To let go of the memories with you, and the pain of the years waiting for you.
But all i can say now is ...... Goodbye my distant friend.
For it was the happiest moments i had with you ... ... ... ...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My sincere prayer

I , from today onwards wish and will be a new person that turns over a new leaf ...
will be a good, humble, patient, kind person and will banish all bad habits and destroy all evil thoughts!!! AMEN!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

today is the 10/10/2010 ... wow how time flies... and its triple 10 today wow!!! but still feel like sleeping even its in the morning gotta go to school..... but i hope that it will be fun ... hope that everything will go on well... had a holiday last week ... but still there are many things to think about... like how will exam be like ?? and have i prepared enough for the exam in less than a month's time?? after exam where am i going ?? and have i made enough preparations for the training camp this end of the year?? will the school give us enough time to have a longer camp?? will there be a campfire?? how is the chrismas performance preparation going on?? will the guys be willing to help out?? WOW a lot!!!!!!!!!! but i have no answers wat should i do????